This WYSK’s digital empire building tools of choice have been her brain, a keyboard and an internet connection since December 2005. That’s when Vera Sweeney burst onto the blog scene with her pioneering pop-culture news and celebrity style site, I’m Not Obsessed… a move that completely changed her life. Seven years and three sites later, she is the CEO of an online media conglomerate that just added a fourth site to its roster of popular web media properties. It’s called… Geek Obsessed.

Vera’s latest digital venture covers all things geeky from tech to Trek, presented in her brand’s signature fun, family friendly, just talking with your girlfriends style. As a woman, and mother of three, who loves dishing about zombies and her favorite iPhone apps as much as the hippest chevron print maxi dress and Disney family vacation hot spot, she needed an outlet to express her inner Geek Goddess.

yoda cozyWhen her “no off switch” brain started tingling with that idea, she did what she has always done… build a site that would satisfy her latest entrepreneurial itch. In this case, a place where “geek is good”. If this newest I’m Not Obsessed Media property lives up to the incredible track record of her other sites… they WILL come.

Vera and her Geek Obsessed team have packed the site with all the latest from Nerd-dom, presented in a way that won’t make your brain explode or brow furrow. They’re bringing you the coolest gadgets to accessorize your life, tech inspired clothing, gaming launches and reviews, internet news, app profiles, must have “geek” merchandise like zombie repellent soap and Yoda coffee cup cozies (she’s a Starbucks addict), and of course, an entire page devoted entirely to Apple for those as obsessed as she is.

So if you too have an inner Geek Goddess who needs some daily stimulation and satisfaction, check out Geek Obsessed. But, before you do, get to know Vera a little better and learn how she built her digital media empire from the comfort of her own living room in this exclusive Women You Should Know Video Profile.