There’s a reason why the phrase “there’s an app for that” has become ubiquitous. With over 750,000 apps currently available at the iTunes store, there really is something for just about everything. So who’s downloading what? In a recent data report from the analytic firm Apsalar, it comes as no surprise that gender differences exist when it comes to apps.

Information sourced from over 500 million users across Android and iOS systems shows interesting insights into the details of what women and men are downloading and using when it comes to mobile technology.

While the most well-known and popular apps have a 50-50 gender ratio split, women are more inclined to use apps more for social media, news, productivity, lifestyle and books. And despite what stereotypes present, men are actually the leaders when it comes to in-app spending. Not to say women aren’t shopping using their mobile devices, we’re just not doing it as often as men are.

Other interesting insights revealed by the study:

  • Women install 40% more apps than men, buy 17% more paid apps, and pay 87% more for those apps
  • The top app categories for men are business, games, navigation, travel, health, and fitness
  • Men lead in mobile gaming and in-app spending. They use business-related apps 85% more than women, navigation apps 40% more, games 61% more and health and fitness 10% more.
  • Women use social media apps a whopping 600% more than men, news apps 90% more, productivity apps 89% more, lifestyle apps 64% more, and books 10% more.

Apps are created to make life easier, and while some miss the mark, others give us a much-needed hand. Beyond the basics, here are a few of our favorites.


GroceryGadgetiDoneThis makes it super easy to track and celebrate the progress that you make at work every day

Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, across all of the devices you may use

Grocery Gadget a unique shopping list app designed to help save time and money at the grocery store

Pay Off Debt designed to help people who are getting out of debt

Boomerang schedules sending emails and email reminders for Gmail and Outlook


Circle of 6Circle of 6 is considered an anti-violence app, which allows you alert your friends, family, and emergency services that you need help

iBody award winning health and fitness tracker

Period tracker despite the cheesy pink floral motif, this is the easiest way to track your periods, ovulation and fertile days

CardStar lets you store and quickly retrieve loyalty, reward and club-membership cards

EPA’s SunWise UV Index find out the expected UV index and get suggestions on how to reduce sun exposure and what strength SPF you’ll need

Tipulator lets you easily calculate restaurant tips and split the bill

Book apps

ebookproBook Crawler lets you build a database of what you own, what you’ve already read, and which books you’d like to buy or check out from the library

Book Writer create your own ebook on the go, you can add text, photos, video, music  or your own voice notes

eBook Search Pro great if you are looking for free books, but don’t want to spend the time to track them down