Meet New Relic. They’re a San Francisco based app performance management provider. Too techy of a description for you? Then think of them this way… they are like the best friend that every web and mobile app developer wants to have. Why? Because they are helping change (for the better) the way the world’s developers and operations teams build, deliver and manage software (all that fun and helpful stuff we get to use on our mobile devices). Though there’s no WYSK app (yet), we’re loving the new, super WYSKy infographic series New Relic created and had to share.

Aptly titled “Women Nerd Heroes”, it’s an illustrated ode to the past and present women superheroes of the tech world… women we should ALL know because they have done and are still doing extraordinary things with technology to change and better all of our lives.

New Relic’s reason for creating this cool, visual homage is to recognize the fact that women have been consistent and frequent contributors to technical innovation. Well HALLELUJAH… someone in the STEM know, who does not have an exclusively women-focused platform, is FINALLY giving female tech pioneers and role models with serious brain power their rightful spotlight and due.

As the folks from New Relic shared, “We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by brilliant people doing amazing things. But none of their achievements would be possible without the dedication and resourcefulness of those before them.”

So this is their inspirational and educational thanks to these and the many other “women nerd superheroes” who have truly helped make the world a better place.

What you see below is said to be the first in New Relic’s “Women Nerd Heroes” infographic series. We can’t wait to see which WYSKs of the tech world we’ll get to know next.

Women-Nerd-Heroes_New Relic