Inspired by her desire to stay connected to her beloved family dog Kayla, 14-year old Brooke Martin first invented iCPooch, as part of an 8th grade class project. Today, the device is taking the tech world by storm, and warming the hearts of pet owner’s everywhere.

iCPooch allows owners to interact with their pets via video chat, and dispense treats to them remotely. “I was inspired to create iCPooch to reduce the separation anxiety that our family dog Kayla suffered from, and from which an estimated 13 million other pets in the U.S. suffer,” Brooke explains in a company press release.

The idea is not only to help reduce a pet’s anxiety, it also provides owners with the peace of mind of knowing that they can interact with their pets while away from home.

icpoochIt’s a simple, yet genius idea. You stick a WIFI enabled tablet or smart phone into the dispenser, and load it up with treats. Then you connect with it from anywhere with the push of a button and voila… pet owners are connected and engaged with their furry family members.

It came as no surprise to us to learn that Brooke’s entrepreneurial skills were honed by her experience as a Girl Scout, and running her “Cookie Business” for the past ten years!

To date, iCPooch has earned top spots at start up competitions around the country, was a finalist in the national Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist challenge, and won 1st runner up in America’s Top Young Scientist competition.

iCPooch is available for $129 (tablet not included). Learn more here.