Compliments of an article by Erin Grace in yesterday’s Omaha World-Herald, we just found our youngest and perhaps most inspiring Woman You Should Know, to date.

Meet 8 year old Stella Ehrhart from Omaha, Nebraska. By her own design and of her own accord, the third grader dresses as a different historical figure each day, mostly drawing inspiration from her “100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century” book.

Stella’s self-expressive, visual journey through history started last year on her second day of second grade. As the article explains, “From that point on, Stella decided that what she would wear to school would represent who she was trying to be. With no repeats, at least through second grade.”

In that time, Stella has donned all sorts of creative get-ups to emulate the likes of Billie Holiday, Helen Keller, Princess Grace, Rosa Parks, Joan Baez, Omaha philanthropist Susie Buffett, Jan Brady of “The Brady Bunch”, Georgia O’Keeffe, Sandra Day O’Connor, Queen Elizabeth, Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc. She even dressed as her own best friend, Virginia Holtzclaw… now that’s friendship at its finest.

According to the article, since most of her ensembles are not “fluffy, fantastical or even necessarily obvious”, they are not considered a distraction to her classmates. In fact, her teachers “embrace it and have used Stella’s outfits du jour as teachable moments.”

To keep track of her various identities, Stella’s mother keeps a log of her costumes. But neither of her parents supplies the costumes or the ideas. “They just roll with what Stella wants to do and support her, grateful that she’s emulating stories and strength, not beauty.”

Stella embodies everything that Women You Should Know® is all about and we applaud her for using her brain and her spirit to pay a brilliant homage to some of the most important women in history. She inspires us at only 8 years old, so we can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Stella Ehrhart is absolutely a young woman that EVERYONE should know.

To read the full Omaha World-Herald article, which includes pictures of Stella in some of her historic looks, click here.

Lead image of Stella Ehrhart property and courtesy of Omaha World-Herald.
A very special thanks to WYSK reader Mitchell from New York for sharing the OWH article with us.