Between Taylor’s repeat trips to the winners’ podium and Kanye’s self-indulgent rant that ended in his announcement of a 2020 presidential bid, there were lots of acceptance speeches given by music’s glitterati at last night’s MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards). And the very best acceptance speeches came not during the broadcast, but during a commercial break.

“To become accepted by others, like that’s really not important. It’s what you think of yourself.”

Making its national TV debut within the star-studded show was this ad spot from skin care brand Clean & Clear. With not a single product in sight, it spotlights different girls, “real girls” as opposed to cast actors, according to the brand’s Facebook page, delivering their very own “acceptance speeches”… heartfelt declarations of what they accept and like about themselves.

The message is all about self-acceptance, and commercial or not, we think anything that encourages girls to embrace their differences, celebrate their uniqueness, and love themselves is a good thing.