The Camp Gyno is our new favorite ad… PERIOD! And boy does it handle first-time menstruation in a much more awesomely hilarious way than Disney did back in 1946 for the Cello-Cotton Company (who made Kotex feminine napkins).

Released today by HelloFlo, the online subscription service that delivers a customized care pack of all the feminine necessities to women at the right time every month, this new ad is specifically focused on the brand’s new Period Starter Kit, which is geared toward the parents of pre-pubescent girls. It includes content for the girls and for their parents.

Hello FloWorking on very little sleep and a lot of adrenaline compliments of the commercial’s debut, HelloFlo’s CEO and Founder Naama Bloom exclusively shared with WYSK this afternoon, “It’s really where I want to evolve the company. While most parents are talking to their daughters about puberty, the conversations aren’t going deep enough. The misinformation out there is unbelievable. I’m hoping the Period Starter Kit and the video spark some good conversations for parents and their daughters.”

By the way, we think that the little girl who plays “The Camp Gyno” deserves an award. Her comedic timing is flawless and her menstrual power trippyness is awesome… what a Super Star!

Brava to Naama and the HelloFlo team!

SPOILER ALERT: Sharing two of our favorite lines delivered brilliantly by “The Camp Gyno”, which we are sure will be viral in the next 24 hours!

“It’s like I’m Joan and their vag is the arc.” (she declares, while offering a tampon as a sword and a hand mirror as a shield)

“It’s like Santa for your vagina.”