The story of Frida Kahlo has been shared on the big screen and in numerous books, and now, the extraordinary life of the visionary artist is summarized in one delightful comic by comedian, writer and cartoonist Sissy Biscuit (yes, it’s a pen name).

In an email to WYSK, Sissy shared that she fell in love with the artist when she was a teenager. “I was very sick with acute Lyme disease that left me bedridden for several months. Since I was already a blooming artist at that time, I had a book that featured several of her works and I felt an immediate connection.” Sissy added, “You would think a Millennial comedian from Pennsylvania wouldn’t have much in common with a famous Mexican artist who died in the 50s, but I was so drawn to her story and her life.”

Sissy has been writing and drawing cartoons based on her own life since 2012, so for her visual ode to Kahlo we love how she has woven personal quips into the facts about the famed artist.

“Frida was emotionally and mentally strong even when she was physically weak, and I think she is an inspiration to women across ages and cultures. Instead of settling into her depression, she used her personal tragedies to create art, humor, and pleasure for all of those around her. I try to live by her example daily with what I do on my website.”

The results? Hilarious, fun and outrageously charming!

In addition to her love of all things Frida, Sissy also writes about women’s issues. Some of her favorite pieces include a comic about zippers, and the series she did about her aging ovaries. To learn more about her, check out Why I’m a Cartoonist. For more comics, you can follow Sissy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.