A month ago, in a galaxy far, far away (Los Angeles), one designer and her intergalactic fashion team unleashed a collection of Star Wars apparel for women called Goldie Strikes Back. While there are a number of cool pieces, like the R2-D2 sweater and Vader tank, the I Am Chewie hoodie is by far the brightest star in this style universe.

Covered in long, soft faux fur over every inch of the zip-up, this is THE hoodie for super fans of the legendary Wookiee warrior and loyal co-pilot to Han Solo aboard the Millennium Falcon. The front also comes complete with satin detailing that’s a nod to Chewie’s signature bandolier.


We should tell you that there are also I Am Chewie leggings in the collection, but we highly discourage anyone from pairing them with the hoodie… that’s just a little too much wookie chic for any earthling to rock all at once.

Here are some other cool options…




Han Solo T