Japan’s Freshness Burger noticed that the largest offering on their menu, the Classic Burger, was a hit with its male customers, but not so much with the ladies.

In Japan, it’s considered “attractive” for a woman to have what’s known as an “Ochobo”, a small mouth that one politely, and modestly covers when in public. So where we may be apt to open wide for a Whopper here at home, the ladies in Japan have been avoiding the colossal deliciousness of Freshness Burger’s Classic all in the name of “Ochobo”.

Not wanting women to miss out, the company invented what they are calling a “Liberation Wrapper”, a burger wrapper that covers a woman’s face with an “ochobo” mouth, so that female diners can dig into the Classic with all the fixins, without forsaking cultural beauty standards. According to the company, sales of the Classic Burger are up 231%!

We think a better tactic would be to liberate women from the “Ochobo” standard altogether, but hey, that’s just us.