Looking for some reassurance? Then you must check out The Pep Talk Generator, which offers encouraging words from inspiring of women, on demand.

Developed by art director and editor Kara Haupt, the generator is a project from Babe Vibes, a “collection of work by creative women” that focuses on exploring feminism, empowerment, vulnerability, and identity.

The inspiration for the generator came from a project Kara worked on last year called 45 Pep Talks, where she wrote herself a pep talk every day for 45 days, and then turned it into a zine.

Kara told WYSK, “The zine was successful, and I found myself returning to the pep talks. I wanted to create a digital experience that did the same thing, but from a variety of voices. I asked a bunch of women I admire to contribute, and then built the generator’s functionality with Paige Lewis.”

Whether you need a bit of extra confidence, motivation or just some words of wisdom, these pep talks aren’t just some canned motivational quotes, they are written by everyday women, and offer pretty good advice. If the first one doesn’t work for you, just move on to the next, and be sure to click on the author’s name to find out more about her work.

We love this, because really, who couldn’t use a good pep talk once in awhile?

Here are just a few of our favorites…