In 2013, they made us fall in love with “The Camp Gyno.” In 2014, they invited us to a “First Moon Party.” And now, Hello Flo, the masters of menarche marketing, are back with their latest video… “The Period Fairy.” And, once again, they deliver a trifecta of awesome: so clever, so smart, totally hilarious.

Here’s the set-up:

A brand new member of the illustrious blood sisters club goes on a vagical quest to tell the story of an important shero that has been written out of history… the Period Fairy.

To get the herstorical facts right, she interviews the Tooth Fairy, long rumored to be the Period Fairy’s main lady fairy competition. She also outs the Department of Mythical Creatures for being an old boys club of male period fairies who were nothing more than a bunch of “mainsplainers not menstruaters.” And in proving how the Period Fairy, formerly known as “Flow White” and “Lord of the Strings,” broke through that glass ceiling, she speaks to Cupid, an ex-lover, and Santa, a rival who stole her signature color.

In the end, the young investigative journalist learns that the Period Fairy made a “cool billion” from selling an app, and retired to Boca, a place where Santa quips, “no one gets their periods.” Though she’s bummed that she never actually locates her fabled idol, she comes to the important realization, “Sometimes instead of looking for a shero, you just have to be one yourself.”