This 1:30 second video, starring, written, produced, and directed by WYSK reader Maddy Butler from Sydney, Australia, is her “new sketch parodying the ridiculous dating advice that is out there for women.”

In an email to WYSK Maddy explains:

Some of the supposedly serious dating advice videos out there are not only misguided but harmful – suggesting women play games and that being single is the ultimate failure – and I wanted to illustrate that in a humorous way. The word “respect” comes up a lot in these videos, which also offer techniques on how to improve a man’s opinion of you, and that inspired The Respect Switch. Helmed by the lonely yet ruthless character Ruth Du Moins (‘moins’ means ‘less’ in French), the advice in these sketches may be completely absurd but – no joke – it’s all based on things these modern dating “experts” actually say.

If you enjoy this, you may also want to watch Dr. Ruth Moins How To Make Any Man Want You. For more of Maddy’s work check out her YouTube channel VODville.