While more and more women are pursuing careers in the culinary world, men still dominate top jobs in the kitchen. And when it comes to women sushi chefs, it’s a rare sight, particularly in Japan where the excuses used to keep women away from the sushi counter are beyond archaic.

Myths persist that women’s hands are too warm for raw fish, their makeup will block their sense of smell and their menstrual cycles affect their sense of taste. But, in spite of the barriers, a few women are out there challenging the myths and deep-rooted tradition. One of them is Chef Yuki Chizui, owner of Nadeshico Sushi, Japan’s first and only all-women staffed sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

In this video from Great Big Story, Yuki explains what’s she’s doing to fight the sexism she and other women have endured.“We are out to challenge the male-dominated sushi world’s tradition by hiring women,” she says. “We are trying to overcome the stereotyped image of sushi chefs and I believe we are going in the right direction.”

And that they certainly are!