Books aren’t just for reading anymore. We’ve seen some spectacular art and jewelry being made from old books and now, we are obsessed with these brilliant book sculptures by Luciana Frigerio. To create these bold three-dimensional designs, Luciana carefully and strategically folds the pages of recycled books to reveal a word, monogram or shape.

Luciana, a professional photographer, began working seriously in paper in 2010. “I was inspired by the art of Japanese folded paper and intrigued by the intersection of object and craft in the making of three dimensional folded and cut-out worlds,” she explains in an artist statement.

Wanting to give people an affordable and accessible object that can be personalized and displayed, Luciana opened an Etsy shop. “From hearts to letters, words, symbols and objects… anything is possible!” All of the books are made to order, so each one is unique. Prices start around $30 and go up depending on the complexity of the design.

Check out this mesmerizing video of the process:
(click on image to play)

Here are just a few examples of finished sculptures that we love:

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