What does it mean to be a truly nice person? These kids, from around the world, have got it down, and it’s genius!

We often hear people say: ‘I wish the world was a nicer place.’ It’s not always enough to be kind. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to spread kindness throughout the world.

Because at the end of the day, a truly nice person isn’t just waiting for the world to become more just and fair. A truly nice person is…

… Someone who is willing to look past gender, color, race, disability.

… Who helps people regardless of where they’re from or their sexuality.

… And let’s everyone be seen and heard.

… Who looks at people with their heart not just their eyes.

… A nice person is someone who is brave enough to stand up for someone else.

… Someone who fights for the rights of others.

… Willing to stand up and act.

… Stands up for people that can’t stand up for themselves.

… Is someone who speaks to the lonely and shy kids that no one wants to be friends with.

This video was produced by Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, a Toronto based entertainer who does everything from creating videos and stand-up comedy, to motivational speaking, rapping, event hosting and acting. She truly believes in One Love and that “everyone can be their own superhero.”

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