Just as former aspiring ballerina turned competitive cyclist Christine D’Ercole discovered the incredible power of her once shame inducing “thunder thighs,” countless women are taking to Twitter and showing off their perfectly imperfect thighs using the hashtag #ThighReading. It’s the latest body positive social media movement aimed at celebrating individual uniqueness over some manufactured ideal.

On July 20th, a Twitter user known as @princess_labia decided to post an image of her stretch marked thighs simply because it “felt empowering” to her. She told Mashable that the phrase #ThighReading came to her “after I had the idea that my stretch marks told a story the same way I had been told my palms did.” She had no idea if other women would join in.

But, in true social media fashion, they did, and soon Twitter and Instagram users from all over were sharing pix of their thighs, along with the stories their burns, scars, blemishes, birth marks, bruises, cuts and cellulite told.

The Tweet that put #ThighReading in motion…

And it just kept going from there…

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