This past April, a new ad campaign promoting breast augmentation was plastered in New York City subway stations and train cars. There was a big to do over the ads, and even Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Governor, made a statement about the campaign’s “inappropriateness”, calling on the MTA to review its advertising policies.

The “inappropriateness” that was at the center of the firestorm was the fact that young kids would be victim to seeing the oversized boobs. Because kids are never subject to seeing boobs in ads or on the subway… yeah, ok then.

We wondered why no one was discussing the blatant level of objectification taking place in the ad, but hey, that’s just us.

The MTA never removed the ads, which has led to most of them being subjected to unsavory graffiti. So, when WYSK co-founder Cynthia found herself standing near one of the ads while on the train, and noticed something scribbled on it, she leaned in to take a closer look… and saw this!

Guess we’re NOT the only ones thinking about the real problem here.

Boob_not what you think