We have a major brain crush on photographer, stylist, and baker Christine McConnell because this WYSK is so insanely talented. Last fall, she wowed us with her deliciously disturbing, creepy confections, and earlier this year, she stunned when she replicated the family portraits of seven generations of women in her maternal line using herself as the model. Her latest project – decorating her parents’ house for Halloween – gives us yet another reason to love her and to want to spend a day inside her fascinating head!

Christine, who grew up watching Tim Burton and Alfred Hitchcock movies, has always been fascinated by the contrast of the orderly and the gruesome. So it’s very likely some of that influence crept its way in to the plans for this monstrous domicile. We have no idea how long it took her to pull off such a spectacular transformation, but we do know that she painted foam-core insulation board for the eyes and teeth.

PS – We are so envious of the trick-or-treaters who get to ring this doorbell on Halloween.


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