A guy walks into a car showroom…

That’s the set-up for this gender-role based social experiment orchestrated by digital entertainment pranksters MaxMan.TV. They pull it off with the help and skill of Professional Motorsport athlete Leona Chin posing as “Cheryl,” a car salesperson who is stumbling through her first day on the job. The string of male customers she greets engage with her in a variety of ways, ranging from being cordial to hitting on her, mansplaining, and even scolding her for not knowing her stuff. Most seem to assume they’re “in the driver’s seat” until “Cheryl” takes each out for a test drive and unleashes her inner Leona.

Buckle up boys!

What You Should Know about Leona Chin

Leona_Chin“Having mastered what is predominantly considered a man’s turf and sport, Leona brazenly breaks down stereotypes by pushing the boundaries of women’s strength, limit and endurance.”

Hailing from Malaysia, Leona’s interest in cars started when she was just 16 years old. Through a group of friends she became fascinated with engines and engine performance, other technical features of cars, and, of course, driving.

According to her Facebook page, when it came to pursuing her eventual career behind the wheel, Leona started by learning everything she could about drifting, then branched out to explore other forms of racing, namely rallies, go-karting, autocross and gymkhana, “a form of motorsport that aims to achieve the fastest impossible by memorizing the race course.”

The now well-respected Professional Motorsport athlete counts Danica Patrick, the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing, as “her idol and role model.” But Leona’s biggest inspiration is her mom. “She’s always advising me to do things beyond the ordinary. ‘Be extraordinary. Stand out. Be different’. And I like to think I’m all that and more.”