Jaide Bucher, a 15-year-old from Northglenn, CO, was born with one hand, but that hasn’t stopped her from playing the game she loves… softball.

The high school sophomore was recently profiled for Gatorade’s Win From Within video series, where she shows an unwavering confidence, determination and passion for the game and for life.

“Jaide is the one who taught us to be confident. I want to be like that one day, where you can prove people wrong,” say her teammates.

One of Jaide’s idols is former Major League baseball pitcher Jim Abbott, who was also born with one hand. Abbott, who pitched a no-hitter for the Yankees in 1993, has been a huge inspiration to her. Recently the two ball players had the opportunity to meet and play catch. “I’ve been blown away by meeting this great young softball player,” Abbott said in a follow up video. “To see someone like her, that type of confidence, she’s an inspiration to me. I am going to tell my daughters about her.”

Jaide’s message is unwavering, “No matter what you think your limits are, if you work hard enough you honestly can do whatever you want.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for this young WYSK!