“Every morning when I wake up this is what I see. And for the past three years, I’ve been hiding this.”

But Margaret (Maggie) Wolf, an avid writer and filmmaker from Chicago, is no longer hiding. Just 15 years old, this extraordinary young woman has already dealt with what she calls, “my fair share of mishaps in life.” Undeterred, Maggie is now showing her face, and using her voice to carve a new path for herself, and along the way, confronting important topics like self-image through her blog and compelling videos like this one.

Using candid voice-over, and closeup shots of her own face transitioning from no makeup, to fully made-up, to bare again, Maggie’s latest video, Idealistics, is a deeply personal piece about her own struggle with self-image. “I was afraid for people to think I was boring. Or maybe I was afraid for them to think I wasn’t beautiful.” Sadly, Maggie notes that, among her peers, she wasn’t alone when it came to her insecurities. “I don’t know one person in their teens that hasn’t picked apart their appearance.”

Over the course of her 3-minute video, the admirable teen takes viewers on a visual and emotional journey that concludes with a beautiful point, which will surely speak to women and girls of any age.

“It’s not always easy finding yourself.” – Maggie Wolf

Maggie’s is the very last story to be presented during 30 Days of Bodyshaming, an inspiring storytelling series created by writer and Columbia College professor Juliet C. Bond. The monthlong pilot program, launched to coincide with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, showcased one gut wrenching and honest story by a different brave woman or girl every day in April.

The goals, Juliet said, were not only to raise consciousness on the issue of female bodyshaming, but “to bring about a deeper understanding of the plight of girls and women as we make our way in world that, for us, is hostile at its best and violent at its worst.” She added, “The end result has been an incredible growth in my own connection to women’s experiences.”

To hear more from Maggie Wolf check out her blog and You Tube channel.