Promoting the presence, awareness and progress of women in traditionally male-dominated fields, childhood friends Jessica Gordon-Roth and Margo Vallee have launched the grassroots campaign This Is What We Look Like.

Through the campaign, Jessica a philosopher and Margo an anesthesiologist are aiming to fill the web with images of women doing what is usually considered “men’s work.”

“The fact is that most people don’t expect a philosophy professor or anesthesiologist to look like us,” the co-founders shared with WYSK. “This means that we are confused for students, nurses, or other support staff, every day. (Thank goodness for students, nurses, and support staff!) We have oodles of female friends who have the same experience. Every day.”

“Let’s change the way we think about women and work!”

Back in February, the women reached out to friends in their respective fields encouraging them to purchase a “This is what a philosopher looks like” or a “This is what an anesthesiologist looks like” t-shirt. To show the world what philosophers and anesthesiologists can, and do, look like, the duo then posted photos of their friends and colleagues in their shirts to a Tumblr page.

“The response was overwhelming. In a three week period, 89 philosophy shirts were purchased, and we reached our goal for anesthesiology sales. And this was all by word of mouth. Thanks to the tremendous response to our soft launch, we were able to raise over $400 for the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on the Status of Women, and get the This Is What We Look Like campaign going.”

On Friday March 25, 2015, Jessica and Margo made the campaign official, launching more shirts in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, CEO, veteran, law, technology, sculptor, drummer, classics, and engineering, with plans to add more soon.

“The goal is to change the way people think about women and work, while also raising funds to support committees and groups working for women in each of these traditionally male dominated fields along the way.”

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This Is What We Look Like Campaign Photos…


anesthesiologist _lookslike

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All photos courtesy of This Is What We Look Like, and republished on Women You Should Know with permission.