Warm weather is starting to settle in around the country and school administrators are sharpening their pencils getting ready to impose their dress code restrictions on students… or shall we say their female students.

In schools across the nation, girls have been at the center of dress code wars, and not just for baring skin, but also for things like dresses and leggings that expose the female form. Oh mon Dieu! Not the female form.

Even a five-year-old kindergarten student was reprimanded for wearing a maxi dress to school that had spaghetti straps. It goes on, and on, and on.

But girls aren’t covering up, they are taking a stand. Posted anonymously to Imgur, one 17-year-old student is getting a jump on things by hanging these (above image) notices throughout her school.

Clearly, school dress codes are not going away anytime soon, but we think they need a serious makeover. Developing policies that do not unfairly target and shame girls, or underestimate boys by assuming that they can’t possibly behave properly around girls who show any skin or their figure in any way, would be a step in the right direction.

How do your kids’ schools handle dress codes?