Meet Kim Novelle. According to this new, truly inspiring ESBN documentary, “She’s the first person to run a marathon without talking about it. She had the guts and determination to not even Instagram it.”

The Important Story Behind Her Story

Yes, your instincts are right on. This documentary is, in fact, a hilarious mock-umentary from the comedy team at Above Average. We love it for the well-packaged, good-hearted fun they’ve had over those among us who like to post our marathon – or 10K or 5K or “really long walk” – training trials and tribulations on our various social media pages.

In fact, we’re all for people touting their personal achievements and milestones on Facebook, on Instagram, and/or from any mountain or roof top, for that matter. But frequency of updates should most definitely be taken into consideration so as to not cause spontaneous eye rolls among EVERYONE you know when your latest “another 8 miles down… BOOM!” status pops up in their feeds.

“Hey, I’m not really interested in hearing updates about your runs three or four times a week.”

Like Matt Moskovciak, a staff writer for Above Average who came up with the idea for this almost-anyone-who-is-“friends”-with-anyone-who-has-trained-for-any-kind-of-run-can-relate sketch, noted, “Hey, I’m not really interested in hearing updates about your runs three or four times a week.”

According to Runner’s World, Matt “wrote the script this summer after noticing the trend of friends posting marathon updates on his social media feeds. Though no one at Above Average is a regular runner, the idea resonated with Moskovciak’s colleagues—they had all witnessed the serial onslaught of Instagram shots featuring GPS watch data.”

He just hopes no runners take it too personally. Fear not Matt, the runners on our WYSKy team dig it! Thanks for the laughs… and the cautionary reminder about oversharing.