In her directorial debut, Kerith Lemon, an American writer and creator, offers a thought-provoking look at curated life vs. real life in her award-winning film A Social Life. The 7-minute short, presented with almost no verbal dialogue, is a slice of life story about a young professional woman who’s very active on social media. Through the film, Kerith’s goal is to inspire a broader discussion about social media and its effect on self-esteem by asking the question, “Are we truly living the life that we post?”

From the official film synopsis:

A Social Life is the story of Meredith (Rosalind Ross), a career focused young woman who understands the importance of keeping up an active social media profile. She strives to live a balanced life: staying fit, working hard and connecting with friends. Sharing these moments online is an important part of her day-to-day; she is creating her “image” within her broader social media friend base.

Meredith awakes one day and realizes that her reflection is merely the collection of photos that she has shared with others. Is this her life? Or just a carefully curated brand?

A Social Life premiered at the Canberra International Short Film Festival, where it was awarded the prize for Best International Actor and most recently has won Best Ladies First Short at the Lady Filmmakers Festival in Los Angeles and Best Short Film at the Monarch Film Festival in Pacific Grove, CA. It will continue to screen at film festivals throughout 2016.

What Else You Should Know About Kerith Lemon

Kerith_LemonKerith Lemon is an American writer, director and creator with rich experience in multi-platform storytelling and creative narratives. Lemon has worked as a programming and production executive at CBS Radio, Nickelodeon and MTV Games and most recently the OWN Network, where, as Vice President of Digital Video, she created and directed a full slate of original digital series for the networks digital platforms.

Driven by her passion for stories that emotionally connect, Lemon is drawn to narratives that elevate women, mirror societal complications and create dialogues amongst a broad audience. Kerith’s production company currently has multiple feature films in development.