By Robin Rice and Lisa Meade – Enough of the impossible standards. Enough of the “ideal” image. Most of all, enough of the feeling of NOT ENOUGH when it comes to your own beauty. There also comes a time when an entire culture of women have had it. When blogs and ad campaigns and AS-IS selfie pictures start to change the rules of the game.

That time is now. That culture is this culture.

Today, there is more than a choir singing out the truths of true beauty. There is a great groundswell and the numbers are rising daily. We are a new tribe, and we know it is time to take back the streets-OUR streets. We know that begins with lifting our self-esteem, our self-imposed standards of worth, and honoring our deepest truths about what it means to be “enough.”

We are not only working towards this change. We are witnessing this change. We women KNOW we are done with competing, done with comparing, and done with playing the ugly/beauty game. We are waking up from the crazy beauty hypnoses we have been under.

We are determined to Stop The Beauty Madness in our ourselves, our mothers, our sisters and our daughters.

“Enough of the impossible standards. Enough of the ‘ideal’ image. Most of all, enough of the feeling of NOT ENOUGH when it comes to your own beauty.”

Part of this includes calling out the ugly truths hidden in our culture and our own minds. That’s what this campaign is about. It’s about strong words that reveal the ideas that need to be seen for what they are. It is not always pretty to see what is hidden deep in our psyche (or even just slightly under the surface), but it is important to see it clearly so that we may call it out and change it.

Do we get cultural push back? Yes. Does that stop us? No.

Welcome to a new world – one we are creating right here and right now. In this new world, our beauty is defined by whole-self qualities, not eye-to-nose and bust-to-waist-to-hip ratios. In this world, we KNOW we are more than our appearance, our size and our shape. In this world, we are throwing off our role as sales-hypnotized consumers and getting on with the task of changing the world.

Now more than ever this world needs us to stop shrinking behind ideas that are too small for us.

So we are here in mass to disturb the peace in beautiful, powerful ways. We are here to create a new culture around beauty. We are here to save ourselves and our children from our own childish and destructive obsessions. We are here to stand tall, AS IS, and get on with our lives.

At Stop The Beauty Madness, we are here for you, me, and most of all… US.







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About the Founders

RobinRiceRobin Rice is the Creative Director of the Stop The Beauty Madness campaign and President of its sponsor company, Be Who You Are Productions, Inc. Robin is a mentor to world-level leaders through Rainmaker Consulting, “changing the lives of people who are changing the world.” She is an internationally published author and a self-proclaimed Social Change Artist.

lisa_meadeAs Community Relations Director and Senior Blogger for Stop The Beauty Madness, Lisa Meade offers the best of the best articles and blog shares out there. She also coordinates outreach efforts and is in hot pursuit of the most powerful Frontline Voices. She is an author in the anthology RED SILK and has written for several social media online magazines as well as her own SPIRIT Blog.