Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Heather Morris, and Dara Laine are sick of red carpet reporters only asking women about their appearance and not about their career.

Here’s a more from Smart Girls:

If we only ask women whether or not they’re hiding a baby bump (none ya’ business, by the way!) then how would we ever find out about Julianne Moore’s humanitarian work with the Save the Children organization? What about the production company Reese Witherspoon created because she wasn’t seeing enough great female characters for her and her peers to play?

#AskHerMore, a hashtag coined by The Representation Project, allows viewers to call out these red carpet reporters and let them know that these accomplished women are more than just their nail art.

This Sunday as you watch the Academy Awards red carpet pre-shows, when some reporter inevitably starts asking a female celebrity questions like “who are you wearing?” tweet #AskHerMore to @smrtgrls and let the media know what kind of questions you’d like to hear.