Most Christmas trees are crowned with some kind of a decorative topper – a plastic angel, a glitter-covered fairy, a glowing star, etc. But a new dawn is upon us for Christmas 2017 compliments of a London-based brand called Women To Look Up To. Using 3D printing, they have transformed the traditional tree topper into something truly inspiring to behold with newfangled designs that feature three kickass women “worthy of wings and celebration” – Serena Williams, Beyoncé, and Hillary Clinton.

Each of the three designs, which come complete with angel wings, is “sculpted digitally from photographs”, and “3D printed to order from the highest-grade plaster”. Available to fit 4 different tree sizes, the Women To Look Up To Angel Christmas Tree Toppers start at £80 (approximately $119 US on Etsy). And just like Santa, the brand delivers all over the world.

What’s particular cool about their design process is that it was democratic, in part. The Hillary topper only came to be because it was voted on by the people. Women To Look Up To notes that she won THEIR election by “a landslide”. Coming in at a close second was Michelle Obama, followed by The Queen.

Inspiring Women Hillary Clinton Tree Topper

Their Angel Christmas Tree Toppers are just one vehicle through which Women To Look Up To, a not-for-profit organization, is fulfilling its mission to shine “a light on modern female role models, be they world famous or working behind the scenes to further women’s position within society.” They say they “act to inspire, motivate, and lift each other up in a joyous way.” Well isn’t that oh-so-WYSKy?!

Any profits the brand earns from the sale of their Serena, Beyoncé, and Hillary Angel Christmas Tree Toppers will be “reinvested in projects to further female equality.” You can read more about their plans here.

Inspiring Women Beyonce Tree Topper

Inspiring Women Serena Williams Tree Topper

all images via Women To Look Up To