Tracee Ellis Ross is an award-winning actress, entrepreneur and overall badass. But even with huge success, she, like so many of us, is scrutinized for choosing to live her life unapologetically.

Last week at Glamour’s 2017 Women of the Year Summit, the “Black-ish” star gave an impassioned speech about being single at 45, and society’s outdated expectations of “womanhood”.

“I’ve built a really incredible life, and I have become a woman that I am very proud to be. And then someone just walks up to you and is like, ‘You know, a friend of mine adopted at 52. It is never too late for your life to have meaning, sweetie!’ And my worth just gets diminished as I am reminded that I have failed on the marriage and the carriage counts.”

Ms. Ross goes on to talk about what it takes to rise above the outward pressures put on so many women to live a life of ones own.

“It means risking being misunderstood, perceived as alone and broken, having no one to focus on, fall into or hide behind, having to be my own support and having to stretch and find family love and connection outside of the traditional places. But, I want to do it. I want to be the Brave Me, the real me, the one whose life is my own.”

Check out her full speech here…