Transmormon, a documentary recently featured in the National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase, tells the story of Eri Hayward, a transgender woman from Utah who was born and raised in the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

In this captivating 15-minute film, shot just before Eri flew to Thailand for sexual reassignment surgery, she and her family discuss the slow, and often painful journey it took to recognize and embrace her transgender identity, and how their Mormon faith played into that.

“Being LDS was our life,” Eri says. “It’s one of the reasons I didn’t find out about what being trans was until I was an adult.”

Director Torben Bernhard beautifully captures Eri’s complex story of faith, culture, gender and identity in this poignant and must see film.

** Since the film’s release last year, the LDS Church has signaled a new openness on transgender issues