Elisa Naranja Metalica Insua, 24, is a mixed media artist from Argentina, who uses other people’s trash to create her lively, colorful art pieces. She arranges a “cocktail” of materials, including toys, buttons, jewelry, components from ipods and computers, and other every day items she collects into her works.

Elisa_InsuaFascinated with U.S. pop culture and iconic characters from American films and TV, Elisa also draws inspiration from mythology, art history, and frequently incorporates religious iconography in her creations.

Elisa has always had an obsession for color, design and art. Her innate ability for drawing and painting made her stand out from an early age. In addition to her love of all things visual, she also has a college degree in economics and business.

In an artist statement, she explains, “I like my work to be energetic, young, ludic, as well as surprising. I wish to make people smile, or better yet laugh. I love to use word games for the titles, and board games for materials. I enjoy creating parodies and jokes about heroes, gods, icons and stars.

And my work is almost infinite – every time you see it, you can find something new, something funny, something hidden. You can find a secret meaning, some hints of symbolism, a hiding story and a whole reinterpretation of the piece.”

You can check out more of Elisa’s work on Facebook and Flickr.