This past weekend, 11-year-old twin sisters Alex and Emma D’Amico, along with their friend Megan Loiacano (age 10), decided to set-up an old-fashioned lemonade stand in their Shelton, CT neighborhood. They planned to be open for three hours, but business was booming so they kept at it. When they finally closed up shop, with not a single drop of lemonade or morsel of baked goods left to sell, the industrious trio realized they had raked in over $1,500, and it was all for a very good cause.

The girls, who are what you might call serial entrepreneurs, held two previous lemonade stands in 2013, the first of which brought in $545, which is already an astounding total for any curbside, pop-up, beverage shop. So to almost triple their past earnings, and double their 2015 goal of $750, is a truly extraordinary feat for 3 For Faith, a name Alex, Emma, and Megan gave themselves because “there’s three of us and because we’re faithful.”

Clearly, the selfless example these girls were setting fueled the generosity of their community. “People were driving up and handing us $20 bills and didn’t want anything in return,” Alex told the New Haven Register.

The trifecta of philanthropic, lemonade stand CEOs plan to donate their proceeds to the Smilow Cancer Hospital, which is part of Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. The New Haven Register reported, “That’s where the D’Amico sisters donated their previous lemonade stand earnings, because cancer hit close to home for them. Their 3-year-old cousin has battled cancer twice in his short life, but continues to improve and beat the odds, the family said.”

“Cheers!”… to the sheer awesomeness of Alex, Emma, and Megan, inspiring girls well on their way to becoming the women you should know of tomorrow.