We had the great privilege of attending opening night of the 7th annual Women in the World Summit that included a series of compelling, devastating and inspiring talks, performances and back-to-back panels of fierce women speaking out on a range of global issues they are each bravely tackling on the front lines. The final panel featured three women turned activists who each tragically lost a child to gun violence in the U.S. Their powerful stories were punctuated with this emotional performance by Trishaun Coleman, a 21-year-old from South Chicago who has already sung at the funerals of 11 friends, all senselessly shot and killed.

Leaving us and countless other audience members in tears, Coleman received a standing ovation for her moving rendition of “Hallelujah”. Women in the World founder and CEO Tina Brown then joined the gifted singer on stage and shared that Trishaun has decided to take the test to become a police officer, where she hopes she can work to prevent further violence. “I don’t want to sing at any more funerals.”