It has been an epic week of blatant sexism put on public display by some misguided (and seemingly un-evolved) humans in the tech industry, both abroad and in the US. So if you’re looking for sure-fire ways to turn women off from tech, look no further. Just do stupid, sexist sh*t like this…

1. If you are a male developer presenting at a tech conference on behalf of a major software company, be sure to compare the plugin execution you’re talking about to your girlfriend, and then be sure to say, “that although she looks beautiful she ‘complains a lot, demands my attention, interrupts me when I’m working’ and ‘doesn’t play well with my other friends.'” Trust us, your employer will feel compelled to craft a lengthy blog post apologizing for the incident, not to mention your idiocy, and your job may be up for grabs.

This really happened… in 2014… two days ago. Full story here.


2. If you are a major tech org whose mission is to bring “together a mixture of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and thought leaders for a week long celebration of all things tech,” send out a party invite to all Techweek attendees for your “Black Tie Rave” and be sure to have it feature a pair of beautiful women in semi-see through tops getting rather friendly with one another. Trust us, sponsors will pull out, several prominent male tech leaders will distance themselves from the event, and people like us will tell you how much you and your marketing team suck.

This really happened… in 2014… also this week. Full story here.