Brittney Levine is a savvy style & trend expert who we’re very lucky to know. In between her jet setting on the glitzy media circuit to TV gigs all over the country where she talks about the latest and greatest trends, brands and products you need to know about, she occasionally throws an insider tip our way. Her newest find is a perfectly clever accessory for the 2.0 world order where social media usernames are the prized digital adaptations of our identities. Twitter mavens rejoice… you can now #wearyourhandle.

Taking a cue from the beloved name plate necklaces we ALL rocked in the 80’s with our leg warmers, Jordache jeans, hair sprayed bangs and shoulder pads, Shame On Jane, the jewelry brand started by Woman You Should Know Kim Pauley, has come out with a line of custom Twitter Handle necklaces for stylish, social networkers. SOJ will personalize the Twitter necklace with whatever handle you go by in the Twittersphere so you can proudly sport your digital moniker even when you’re offline. You can choose from script or block letters in gold or silver… you can even add diamonds. We’re pretty sure that a little Twitter bling is bound to spark a face to face conversation that’s more than 140 characters long!

Kim started Shame On Jane as a love letter to her girlfriends. She explains, “My friends txt all day long. Jokes, stories, and anything else that would be considered TMI (we have no filter). Therefore my days are filled with laughter. So, when SOJ evolved, my goal was to make the jewelry fun. Jewelry I would be proud to wear. Jewelry to give my friends that would make them feel special. Jewelry to acknowledge different events in their lives.”

Shame On Jane RemindeRingsNot a Tweeter, not to worry. Check out Shame On Jane’s other unique collections, including her RemindeRing sets. The five stackable bands that make up each themed set boast short, smile inducing notes that prompt you to do things that you might otherwise forget. We have a particular affinity for the Inspirational RemindeRings that tell you to: Make A Difference, Inspire Change, Give Back, Repair The World, and Build Hope. SOJ also offers custom RemindeRings, which is a perfect option if you need a gentle nudge to remember to do something very personal and specific… ours would say, “unplug and disconnect” (we have to sleep at some point people).