Meet Duncan Lou Who, an inspiring two-legged boxer puppy who was born with severely deformed rear legs (they were twisted and fused together). He lived the first few months of his life in constant agony, so his hind legs had to be removed.

This video captures Duncan, one very lucky and much loved member of the Panda Paws Rescue pack, hitting the beach for the first time, free of the doggie wheelchair he can’t stand using. What you see is PURE JOY, and nothing short of inspiring.

Amanda GieseFor his day at the beach, Duncan is joined by Mane, Rou, Ducky and Miso, four other special needs pups under the care of Panda Paws Rescue, a truly extraordinary, non-profit founded in 2011 by Woman You Should Know Amanda Giese.

Run entirely out of her home in Vancouver with the help of her partner Gary Walters and their two children Beast & Jade, Panda Paws specializes in rescuing and caring for medically needy, special needs, and hospice dogs that are typically written off as “unadoptable”.

The dogs Amanda takes in often come from some of the worst circumstances (homelessness, abuse, mistreatment) or are sick, injured, or dying at the hands of others. What she offers them is a love-filled, safe and stable environment where they can heal and thrive. Amanda believes that having worked for years in emergency veterinary care and having her education in human medicine (ER & pediatrics), are what give her the ability to take on and nurture these animals with such special needs.


Amanda floats with rescue Liza, a senior age dog who has bad arthritis, a heart murmur, and other issues. Liza can’t swim as it could put too much stress on her heart, but she thinks floating in the hydrotherapy pool is the best thing in the world!

Prior to Panda Paws earning its 501c3 status (a painstaking, 9 month process Amanda spearheaded herself, without the help of a lawyer), 100% of the cost of caring for each animal they took in came from Amanda and Gary’s personal bank accounts. “Tens of thousands of dollars just to do the right thing.” Now firmly established with the ability and following to do fundraisers, and bring in donations to help cushion the expenses, they still pay out a lot of their own money to provide the rescues they have committed to with the best health care available.

Occasionally Amanda and Gary send their rescues to one of their amazing foster homes, but they say, “We truly do like to keep each rescue in our home from A-Z of their rescue experience!”

Case in point, Duncan Lou Who, a now permanent member of the pack and family… he came to Panda Paws at 3 months old, prior to his leg surgery, and Amanda said, “It was love at first sight for our whole family and we couldn’t imagine the next 10-plus years without him bringing joy to our lives.”

Duncan at 3 months old post surgery

Duncan Lou Who at 3 months old post surgery

While they earn ZERO income from their rescue, the emotional reward gained from this kind of unconditional love-fueled work must be invaluable.

Bravo to this truly selfless Woman You Should Know and her family for being a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

To follow the stories and progress of all the special needs animals that Amanda and Panda Paws Rescue have cared for, visit their Facebook page.

Mane and Ducky

Panda Paws Rescue Pack Members Mane and Ducky