Two Raging Grannies is a touching and thought-provoking documentary that follows lifelong activists Shirley Morrison, 92, and Hinda Kipnis, 85, as they set out on a road-trip questioning leaders and experts on the sustainability of continued economic growth, while simultaneously showing us that it’s never too late to try and change the world.

Armed with courage, humor, a long friendship and a zest for life, Shirley and Hinda travel from Seattle to New York challenging everyone along the way, including professors, economists and Wall Street tycoons over the simple question, “Why do we have to keep growing?”

In addition to their quest for answers, the women have other reasons for making the trip. Hinda says she wants to see her birthplace New York one last time before she dies, and for Shirley, it’s important to make this last trip together with her best friend. Their personal mission binds them together, but it’s their friendship, witty rapport and passion that keep them going.

The film’s director, Håvard Bustnes, first learned of the two women after watching video clips online of the Raging Grannies, the international, non-violent, protest group of progressive-minded grandmothers, which both Shirley and Hinda are members of. In fact, Shirley helped found the Seattle Raging Grannies chapter.

“I liked the idea of grandmothers trying to save the world,” Håvard told WYSK. “When I first met Shirley and Hinda I was amazed by their energy and I was touched by their friendship and willingness to fight for a better future for their grandchildren.” He continued, “These women have the spark and want to be alive until the last breath of life. If I’ll be half as cool and alive as these two women, I will not be afraid of getting old.”

Despite their valiant attempts, Shirley and Hinda don’t find a definitive solution to their simple question, but it’s clear that seeking an answer is taking them on an adventure of a lifetime.

Two Raging Grannies is distributed by TDC Entertainment. They plan to release the film on DVD and streaming later this year.