In 2008, two eco-conscious Women You Should Know, re-purposing moms, and good friends had a collective light bulb moment. Holly Jordan, an artist with a million ideas, dreamed of inventing the perfect everyday bag. Dawn Sivanich, a practical, results oriented Business Manager, wanted to fix the hideous grocery bag. So they put their heads together and set out to come up with a line of great bags designed for all types of shopping that offered everyday solutions to saving the earth.

They drew, cut, pasted, sewed, and prototyped, on a mission to create a simple, smart, and stylish alternative to one-time use, unattractive and cheaply made bags. Holly explains, “We wanted to eliminate paper and plastic AND remember to use our bags. We were tired of our bags rolling around in the backs of our cars, getting dirty and lost. We needed to ‘CONTAIN THE MADNESS’, as we like to say!”

Holly and Dawn worked until they got “it” (design, quality, look, functionality) right. The result… Esse Reusable Bags, a complete, self-storing, reusable shopping bag system.

Esses CarryAll Tote

Their system includes a range of reusable bags that fold small and come in different colors and patterns:

  • The Everyday Bag – replaces 2 plastic bags with each use; easily holds 20 lbs
  • The Grocery Bag – the NEXT generation of high quality reusable bags
  • The Produce Bag – shop, wash & store all in one bag; replaces flimsy bulk bags from the market
  • The Clip It Bag – great for small purchases, lunch, or restaurant take-out; replaces 1 plastic bag with each use
  • The CarryAll Tote – The pièce de résistance… this stroke of Holly & Dawn genius, is a multi-pocket “madness container” that stores all the other Esse bags you would need to handle a full cart’s worth of groceries… 3 Grocery Bags + 2 Produce Bags + 1 Everyday Bag with room for more

So your reusable bags are neatly and compactly stored, all in one easy to grab-and-go place. They’re also machine washable and most styles are made from recycled PET (plastic bottles). More importantly, they’re helping us reduce the weight on Mother Earth’s overly burdened shoulders by eliminating our reliance on plastic and paper bags when we shop for just about anything.

In speaking about the importance of using reusable bags, Dawn shared, “It’s one small step towards taking care of the earth and it is one that’s easy to adopt if you have the right tools. Our goal is to help make the transition, just a little easier.”

Brava to these Women You Should Know for recognizing a problem and creating a handy solution that can benefit us all for generations to come.

Plastic & Paper Bags: What You Should Know

The founders of Esse Reusable Bags tell us:

White plastic bagThe average American uses well over 300 plastic bags a year!

500 BILLION bags are produced annually… where in the world do they all go? The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is our top guess.

Less than 3% of those bags ever get recycled appropriately.

And paper bags? 14 million trees are cut down annually just to make “one-time use” grocery bags. The recycling of those bags uses tremendous amounts of water and energy.

Enough said!