“Dear Nike – Why are all the trainers for girls always so bland? Somewhere in Swoosh central there’s been an oversight. We don’t mean to be all down on the Swoosh, it’s just we want the awesome coulourways the boys get, in sizes we can wear too.”

This letter was penned (or should we say typed) by Women You Should Know Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis, two London based ad agency execs, who are pissed because their favorite Nike sneakers (called trainers in the UK) are only made in men’s sizes.

They explain, “We love Nike trainers and we love fashion. However, all the best Nike trainers, the good ones that look shit-hot, don’t come in women’s small sizes. We built a website (Purple Unicorn Planet), cherry picked the most awesome men’s trainers that didn’t come in our sizes and wrote the letter.”

Nike Sneakers_PUP

Their aim is to spread the word, via the reach of the internet and power of social media, all the way to Swoosh HQ and get Nike to make all the sneakers they show on Purple Unicorn Planet in women’s sizes.

In their plea to other consumers to join their social campaign they say, “If you agree then embrace the internet with this letter (graphic below). Boys you can help us out too. Share it. Tweet it. Till Nike can’t ignore it.” They urge us all to #PleaseJustDoIt!

Incidentally, since the Nike Swoosh, one of the most iconic and ubiquitous logos of all time, was designed by WYSK Carolyn Davidson, we think that the least the brand can do is offer all of us women better and more creative options as an homage to her.

We wish Emily and Emilie lots of luck since we too have often found ourselves falling in love with a pair of badass sneakers only to find they don’t come in women’s sizes. Then we’re shown the women’s equivalent in a boring or vomitous combo of something like fuchsia and peach and all we can do is Just Not Buy It.

PUP Letter