Makeup artist and YouTuber Jordan Hanz is using her skill to make a profound statement about breaking stereotypes and self-love in her new stop-motion video Unattainable Woman.

In the video, Jordan paints negative words, expressions and slurs across her body that are often used to describe, label or brand women.

She says, “We are more than the labels that the society we live in gives us. We are strong, powerful women. Break through the stereotypes for a more positive and loving you.”

Inspired by the bold outfits worn by Amber Rose and Blac Chyna on the red carpet for this year’s VMA’s, which the women said were to combat slut-shaming, Jordan hopes this video and the hashtag #Unattainable Woman will spread to “all of the beautiful women in the world, so we can share our stories of strength and empowerment.”

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