Meet 2-year-old Victoria. She’s spunky, she’s confident, she’s smart, and she’s adorable. When she’s not romping around with her four older brothers, she’s obsessed with swimming and playing mermaids in the tub. So when it came to picking out her Halloween costume, her mom assumed she’d want to be Ariel, the mermaid of all mermaids, but Victoria had other plans for herself… and they were super.

“I’ll be Superwoman!! I’ll save the day!” – Victoria, 2-years-old

Proud momma Audrey McClelland, the founder of Mom Generations and a highly successful, serial digital entrepreneur, told WYSK that when they went out shopping for her costume, Victoria made an abrupt stop in one of the aisles, pointed, and excitedly said, “I’ll be Superwoman!!” Unprompted, she then declared, “I’ll save the day!”, which took Audrey by complete surprise. “I SWEAR. I have NO CLUE where she got that from. It was hilarious.”

While this “Superwoman” may be a little too young to catch tonight’s premiere of the highly anticipated CBS TV series “Supergirl” with Melissa Benoist, Ms. Victoria is already the star of her very own show, and clearly the apple of her big brothers’ eyes.

Here she is swooping in to “save the day”… (click image to play)

We already feel safer knowing Victoria is on-watch to save the planet.