“The harm caused by the objectification of women in popular culture is not just theoretical.” – Psychology Today

Earlier this year, Madonna Badger, a top ad executive and the co-founder of Badger & Winters, launched #WomenNotObjects, an awareness campaign that aims to highlight how ads that objectify women are “harmful to young women and can undermine their self-esteem and self-confidence.” The campaign’s latest initiative, #IStandUp, a compelling 2:45 minute call to action video, unveiled today on International Women’s Day, takes this powerful message one step further by urging others to recognize the pervasive issue by standing up and showing their support against the objectification of women in advertising.

Using expert research, disturbing news reports, eye-opening interviews with girls and young women, and actual TV clips as well as print ad images to prove its point, the video closes by asking viewers to post their own #IStandUp video. “Film yourself standing up with the caption: #IStandUp against the objectification of women and the harm it causes. #WomenNotObjects Then tag your friends to stand up too.”

Through this effort along with her pioneering commitment to never objectify women in the work her agency produces, Badger hopes “to teach women and girls that their worth is not their weight, their looks or their body parts, but who they are, what they say and what they can do.”

We applaud this woman you should know and her team for showing the world there’s a better way.