Viva Punk Rebel. 82, a documentary about octogenarian queen of punk Viva Hamnell, is a heart-warming portrait of rebellion, spirit and joie-de-vivre.

Considered Britain’s oldest punk, great-grandmother Viva reflects on her rise to fame as a vocalist with legendary Cornish punk band The Bricks in the late 1970’s, her love of Vivienne Westwood-inspired style and her later notoriety during a sensational drug trial.

In this life-affirming short documentary by award winning director Amanda Bluglass, Viva demonstrates that even at the age of 82 it is still possible to look fabulous, laugh loud and live well.

“Viva is the Latin word for ‘live’ and that’s what I’ve got to do, because I’ve got the name Viva.”

About the director

Amanda Bluglass makes films about real people. Known for her narrative structure and directing stunning photography, Amanda has a strong visual eye and instinctive feeling for sound and music.

Directing credits include internationally recognized multi award-winning short documentaries. Amanda has worked with BBC, NASA, Nike and London Olympics 2012.