Move over Skinnygirl, there’s a new female-centric spirit in party town that comes with a twist of girl power and the promise of “lust in liquid form”. Her name… Vixen Vodka.

Vixen was conceived by three WYKSy, Southern women – LeeAnn Maxwell, Jenny Policky and Carrie King – who are super excited to hit and disrupt the spirits market with a vodka created specifically for the female palate and a brand designed to empower and inspire other women to take a chance on their dreams and big ideas, too. We’ll drink to that!

What better time and place for three women to come up with the idea to launch a new, female-centric vodka, than during a girls’ trip, after a few “slightly dirty martinis” and several sun-soaked hours lying by the pool. That’s exactly when and where LeeAnn, Jenny and Carrie’s Vixen Vodka moment happened.

Fueled by their “why not?” approach to life (and a few more cocktails), the Atlanta based trio – in their 30s, 40s, and 50s – put their extensive sales and marketing backgrounds into action and embarked on a two-year journey not just to create a product, but a brand; a brand that stood for the qualities they hope to inspire in other women – strength, independence, courage, sass and a lust for life.

Women Behind Vixen Vodka

The Vixens Behind Vixen Vodka: LeeAnn Maxwell (CEO), Jenny Policky (Director of Sales), Carrie King (Director of Marketing)

Crafted by Mile High Spirits in Denver, Colorado using corn and Rocky Mountain spring water, Vixen is distilled 5 times in one of only a few glass stills in the world, rendering a smooth and crisp spirit that has all the attributes of an ultra-premium vodka without the ultra-high price… it’s about $20 per bottle.

As LeeAnn, Vixen Enterprises partner and CEO explained, “Vodka is a woman’s spirit of choice. It’s crisp, clean, figure-friendly and light. However, it’s the burn factor in all vodkas that we didn’t care for. Our vodka negates that burn.” Vixen is also gluten free.

Vixen Vodka BottleAnd what about their leggy logo? Carrie, one of the three Vixen partners and the brand’s Director of Marketing said, “It takes unique branding to stand out in such a competitive category. We stand for strength and real women, so much so that the legs of the logo are a real woman’s legs. We want our brand to bring out the vixen in everyone, because let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with being sexy, sassy and strong.” We’ll drink to that too!

Since October 2012, Vixen Vodka has been available in select retailers, restaurants and bars throughout Georgia. But, there is good news for the rest of us… the ladies have plans to launch in other major cities across the U.S. this year.

In fact, they were just at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival last week where the latest addition to their Vixology recipe book – “The Reel Vixen” – made its official debut for A-listers, glitterati and Hollywood royalty to enjoy.

Here’s the recipe, for those of you who can get your hands on a little Vixen:
Vixen Vodka
Cranberry Juice
Splash of St. Germaine
Splash of soda
Lime wedge

mmmmmmmmmmmm… anyone thirsty right about now?!

Vixen Vodka Vixology

As the perfect chaser for their bold vodka and empowered brand, the ladies of Vixen have their very own anthem, which we LOVE for all of its WYSKiness:

A Warrior In Stilettos

Vixen Vodka_Warrior In StilettosI am more than my reflection in the mirror. I am bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. I rule every room I enter. I am empowered. I live life on my terms, not terms dictated by celebrity trash mags. (Although let’s face it, a good trash mag makes a plane ride a lot less boring.)

I am a survivor. A warrior in stilettos. And every accomplishment I’ve ever made, every heartbreak I’ve overcome, I’ve done it with class, sass and a glass half-full. Because being a Vixen is a badge of honor – a commitment to myself that I’m worth it, that I’m incredible just as I am.

I am a Vixen.

A toast to you ladies… wishing you much continued success. Cheers!