Spark, an awesome, girl-fueled feminist movement, is bringing women’s history into the digital age with Women On The Map, a newly launched, super cool, specialty app that will alert Android and iOS users whenever they’re near a place where a woman made history. Is this WYSKy or what? We could not love this more!

You don’t have to think too hard or gaze too far to figure out why Spark’s women’s history mapping project came about. As they astutely note on their site, “Looking around, you’d think that women rarely did things that made history.”

To illustrate that point, which speaks to a worldwide issue, consider just the handful of US-based stats Spark quoted:

“It’s not that women don’t make history – it’s that we don’t honor them for it.”

Motivated by this sad and simple truth, the Spark team, which is made up of girls ages 13-22, set out to right this historic wrong by using modern mapping technology to literally put pioneering women on the map.

Spark’s Women On The Map project is hosted on Field Trip, a mapping app by Google. To date, they have researched and mapped the incredible achievements of over 100 women from all around the world, and using Field Trip, they linked those achievements with actual, mappable locations. So when you access Women On The Map, your phone will buzz when you approach a place where a woman made history. Based on the historic info associated with that specific woman and location, the app also lets you learn more about her.

To use Spark’s Women On The Map, you have to download the Field Trip app, which is available for free on Android and iOS. On Android, their Women On The Map cards will then show up in the “history” category. If you’re an iPhone user, look for “SPARK: Women On The Map” in “Historic Places and Events.”

We cannot wait to check this out, and hope our favorite WYSKy New York City street corner is already included in the app.

Help Spark Put More Women You Know On The Map:

Here’s one of the coolest parts of this project… you can contribute to Spark’s database and write about a woman whose life inspires you. They explain, “She could be someone from your hometown or someone from ancient history. Write a 150-300 word bio about her life (she can’t still be living) and accomplishments–make sure you inlcude a specific location for us to link her bio to! Find a photo or image to go along with it. Email it all to the Spark Team and write ‘Women On The Map’ in the subject line.”