As an appointed member of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival jury, Jessica Chastain was among an esteemed group of international artists charged with choosing which films receive an award this year. On Sunday, during a press conference on the final day of the festival, the award-winning actress shared what she took away from seeing 20 films in 10 days, calling the depiction of female characters “quite disturbing,” and a clear indicator of “how the world views women.”

A journalist from the National Post & Post Media in Canada asked the jury, “Question for the ladies on the jury… your jury gave some prizes to some amazing female filmmakers this year. Wondering what your thoughts are on what women are bringing to cinema and would you like to see even more female directors in future competitions?”

This video is how Jessica answered and we’re all applauding very loudly. It’s already cued up to her 1-minute response, so just press play.

PS – Why did the reporter only direct his question about the contributions of women in film to the “ladies” on the jury? That’s a rhetorical question. sigh.