“My 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with Wonder Woman so being a good dad/commercial photographer I had to do something about it.” – Josh Rossi

After two months of intricate planning, spending $1,500 on a handmade leather costume that’s a spot-on match to the one Gal Gadot’s big screen version of Wonder Woman rocks, orchestrating an all day photo shoot, and finally, working his digital artistry magic, Josh (or as we like to call him… Wonder Dad) made young Nellee’s dream come true in the most epic way.

The resulting images are hyper realistic recreations of scenes from the highly anticipated, Patty Jenkins-directed standalone Wonder Woman film. Since it doesn’t hit theaters until June 2017, Josh used the movie’s trailer as his guide for each shot. “Behind the scenes, Nellee and her mom spent hours watching the movie trailer, mimicking the comic book heroine’s facial expressions, gestures and movements,” as reported by Fulltime Photographer. “Family nights centered around studying the late 1970’s TV series.”

And it all worked flawlessly because, in the end, Nellee, at just 3 years old, is… Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.


this story was originally published on October 20, 2016. images via @joshrossiphoto