Space exploration isn’t limited to NASA. Lauren Rojas was just 12 years old when she built a space balloon and launched her Hello Kitty doll into the Stratosphere for a school science fair to test “the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature”.

The seventh grader from Antioch, CA was inspired by a television commercial in which a balloon was launched into the sky. She, along with the help of her father, Rod Rojas, used a DIY balloon kit along with an altimeter, thermometer, satellite tracker and a host of GoPro cameras, all piloted by her Hello Kitty doll.

In an interview with ABC News, Lauren’s father said “I’m just happy with how the process has engaged Lauren. She loves to collect bugs and she’s always very interested in experiments, I’m hoping that it sparks her interest in science even further.”

Lauren’s balloon reached a height of 29 km, not officially space (100km), but enough to provide some pretty awesome views. Check out the video of her experiment below.

Oh, and yes, Lauren won the science fair!

FYI…Hello Kitty wasn’t harmed in the making of this film!