Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, hosts of the Dutch TV show Guinea Pigs, wondered if giving birth and all that goes along with it is really as painful as women describe it to be. Is it really the absolute worst pain in the world?

Rather than taking women on their word, they decided to give it a go for themselves, via an electro-simulation of labor pains. So both men had four electrodes strapped to their abdomens and over a two hour period (NOT EVEN CLOSE to the length of real labor for most women) the plan was to zap them with intermittent electrical shocks designed to simulate contractions.

Just a few minutes in, when the current is only at about 2-3% of what it will build to be, Valerio says, “I feel… OH NO, like barbed wire is being pushed into my stomach in 36 places.”

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained for the next 9 minutes at their expense. Happy Mother’s Day ladies!